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Wedding gown cleaning

With Proper care, your gown will look as beautiful on your 30th Anniversary as it did on your wedding day

Wedding gown cleaning

Bridal Gown: Clean and Press 
Starting at $225

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Your gown is thoroughly inspected for stains throughout the body and hemline.

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Any decorative ornaments are inspected and tested for cleanability. If cleanable, they are secured for safety during the process or removed to prevent damage.

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All stains will be treated by hand and then cleaned in virgin hydrocarbon solvent

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2nd inspection follows cleaning to isolate and remove any invisible stains.

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Your dress is hand pressed, placed on a bust and neatly set on a padded hanger for delivery.

Bridal Gown: Clean, Press and Preserve
Starting at $300

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All steps listed in the clean and press option are followed

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Once pressed, your gown is placed on a bust, carefully set in the window box preservation chest and surrounded by acid free tissue paper.

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The window chest is then placed inside of a solid box and is sealed.

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Your gown can now be stored for up to 100 years without any yellowing, discoloration or oxidation.

Wedding Gown Preservation

It's never too late to have your dress cleaned.  Even after 6 months or a few years we are still able to remove most stains and end any further deterioration or yellowing that may have occurred.

Cleaning: $250

Cleaning and Preservation: $350

Cleaning: $275

Cleaning and Preservation: $375

Cleaning: $300+

Cleaning and Preservation: $400+

Sample Pricing

* Pricing is dependent on the detail, material, length of train and packaging type.  Call us or send a picture of your gown for a detailed estimate. 

Wedding dress cleaning
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Wedding Gown Preservation
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