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Our trained technicians have over 35 years experience treating, cleaning and preserving wedding gowns. Each Gown is meticulously examined, stains treated and professionally cleaned.  We take every precaution to protect delicate beads, embroidery, and lace during the cleaning process.  Once cleaned, the gown is pressed and then prepared for preservation packaging.  Alas, your gown is wrapped in acid-free tissue paper, placed in museum-quality archival box and delivered back to you.  Turn-around time is normally two to three weeks but can vary. 

Once received, we encourage you to store your dress in a cool, dark and dry environment with a relative humidity at approximately 50 percent.  Excessive heat and light should be avoided.  Do not store in a hot attic or damp basement.  Under your bed or in a dry closet are some are good options for safe storage.

Pricing is dependent on the detail, material, length of train and packaging type.  Call us or send a picture of your gown for a detailed estimate.  Pricing starts at $175 for Cleaning and $250 for Cleaning & Preservation.

Sample Pricing

Wedding Gown Price List

Cleaning: $200

Cleaning and Preservation: $275

Cleaning: $225

Cleaning and Preservation: $300

Cleaning: $275+

Cleaning and Preservation: $350+

It's never too late to have your dress cleaned.  Even after 6 months or a few years we are still able to remove most stains and end any further deterioration or yellowing that may have occurred.

Your preserved gown is guaranteed not to yellow, discolor or develop oxidized stains.

Call us prior to your wedding to schedule a date when we can pick up your gown for preservation.  Depending on the location of your wedding we can pickup your dress the day after at your hotel.  This will give us the best chance to remove stains before they are set.  By the time you return from your honeymoon your dress will be cleaned, preserved and ready for delivery.

What can happen to your gown if not properly cleaned and preserved:

Stains – Stains left on a gown will become harder to remove over time and can destroy the material.  Invisible stains such as perspiration, white wine and cooking oil are the biggest culprits.  If left untreated, the areas of your dress that looked perfectly white before putting your gown away will begin to break down and cause those untreated areas to yellow.  Invisible stains such as Food stains also attract bugs, insects and rodents.

Fabric hang – With the immense weight of many wedding gowns, storing your gown on a hanger for a prolonged period of time will eventually stretch and damage the shoulder material of your gown.  With Preservation, your gown will be placed on a bust to maintain the proper shape.

Storage - Avoid storing your worn wedding gown for a long period of time in plastic bags,  vacuum-sealed bags or plastic wrapped containers as plastic emits fumes that can yellow your bridal gown and trap moisture that mildews your wedding gown.

Advantages of Preservation:

Space Saver– Save space in your closet with Preservation.  Your preserved gown should fit perfectly under your bed or tucked away at the bottom of a closet.

Repairs – We will perform any needed repairs on your gown. 

Save your gown for later use - If you decide to reuse the fabric to create another item of clothing such as a cocktail dress or dress for your little one you can be sure the fabric will be ready to use just like brand new.  If you decide to sell or donate it down the road you are ensured that your gown is in perfect shape.